Rich Wilson on the Global Assembly

Project Showcase Release: April 4, 1:30pm PT; 10:30pm CET

How can we as humanity effectively solve common crises together? The Global Assembly was launched in December 2020 to provide answers to this question and to make the idea of a global civil society a reality. The core of the assembly is made up of one hundred persons from around the world chosen by sortition to discuss issues facing the world as a whole. Rich Wilson, co-founder of the Global Assembly, explains its ambitious plan and the role trust plays in bringing people from different parts of the world to the table.

Rich Wilson founded the charity Involve in 2004, which under his leadership became a leading centre for public participation research, innovation and policy-making. He has been an adviser for the OECD, UNFCCC, WHO, UNDP, EU and many national and local governments. He has written over 100 policy reports, been a regular contributor to the Guardian. Rich has recently helped set-up three new ventures: Good Help on behalf of Nesta, the National Lottery and the Department of Culture Media and Sport (UK); the Funders Initiative for Civil Society supported by Open Society Foundation, Oak and Ford. He is a co-founder of the Global Citizens’ Assembly for COP26.