Mithu Sanyal on Identity Struggles and Trust

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Cultural studies scholar, journalist and author Dr. Mithu Sanyal is one of Germany’s most prolific voices on feminism, identity and postcolonial theory. In her interview with the Thomas Mann House Dr. Sanyal discusses racism and public trust in Germany, the role of the media and the state and what can be done to move forward.

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Mithu Sanyal is a cultural scientist, journalist and author who writes about sex, gender, post-colonialism, power and racism. Since 1996 Sanyal has written features and radio plays for the German broadcaster WDR, and publishes essays and articles in publications such as The Guardian and various German magazines. In her debut novel Identitti (2021), Sanyal addresses identity politics in a story that involves a student and her Postcolonial Studies teacher, who is not the person of color she pretends to be. Her book “Rape. From Lucretia to #MeToo” is published at Verso Books (2019).